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I had been born with a club arm and possesses never stopped me from doing anything. I had been always active in sports while I what food was in school and i also have been working since i have was 20 years old. A month ago I requested employment in a gas station but got hired on the spot. I used to be excited since I absolutely need the money. I worked three days without incident, i quickly was called into the office and told I became being let go. Apparently, believe that like We are incompetent at working because of my arm, on the other hand use a surprise for them - a jobs attorney. - employment attorney austin

It really is illegal to never employ someone since they have a very disability, so I will produce a big stink about this. I could see if my arm would stop me from receiving the task finished, but that had never been the truth. This is their explanation should pay for treating me like We are less than all others. We will see how funny they believe it really is after they lose all they've due to being discriminatory. I'll bet that they can think hard next time. - employment attorney austin

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